PVC Insulated Wire PVC insulated wire is a kind of extruded cable adopting PVC as the material of insulator and jacket. Our company can supply UL1007, UL1015, UL1017, UL1185, UL1347, UL1430, UL1569 and other types of wire products. The UL1430 is XLPVC insulated but others are PVC insulated. The PVC insulation material outside this product features smooth appearance with well-distributed color, softness, heat and solvent resistance.
XLPE Wire / Cable As compared with the PVC insulated type, XLPE wire owns much more advantages, such as simplified structure, good resistance against heat and corrosion, high mechanical strength, etc. Furthermore, this product boasts superior electrical performance. Owing to the characteristics of low dielectric loss and small capacitance, it can still bring down the charging current and ground fault current without the help of the star grounding system.
Silicone Wire/Cable The silicone wire adopts cable dedicated silicone rubber material for both the insulator and protective layer so as to enhance the flexibility as well as resistance against corrosion and high temperature. Being a specialist wire and cable manufacturer, our company supplies a wide range of silicone cable products, such as UL, VDE, CCC/IEC and other series.
Teflon Wire / Cable The Teflon wire we supply here incorporates UL series, VDE series and insulated ignition series. It is also known as the high temperature wire and cable whose insulation layer is manufactured with the fluoroplastics. Thereby, this product is ideally suitable for places where exceptional high temperature resistance is needed. Moreover, its remarkable ability against corrosion keeps this product free from organic solvents, oil, strong acid and alkali, strong oxidants, etc.
Fire Resistant Wire Fire resistant wire has enjoyed great popularity since it was introduced to the market. It has been widely used for various electric installations which require excellent fire resistance in high temperature environments, such as baking oven, boiler, power station, fire-fighting devices, etc. This product can be also used for metallurgy, petroleum and chemical industries. Fire resistant wire can work safely for a certain period in the fire.
High Temperature Sleeve The high temperature sleeve has been widely utilized for cables in the high temperature and hot zones, pipelines, fluid lines, etc. in iron and steel, smelting, chemical, shipbuilding as well as other industries. It can also be applied to generator sets, large buildings, automotive wiring harness, etc. This high temperature sleeve is also called fire resistant sleeve. It is woven with the high purity alkali-free fiberglass and coated with vulcanized silicone outside.
Silicone Heating Wire, Silicone Rubber Heater This product can be used for heating, heat tracing and heat preservation of pipe, tank, tower and slot pool of industrial equipment working in humid but without explosive gas areas. It can offer auxiliary heating for air condition compressor, electric machine and submersible pump, freezing protection equipment, etc.

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