Heating Elements

Heating elements in this series, small in size, consist of heating units and other additives. There are several types, such as aluminum foil type, non-woven type, oil drum type, aluminum pipe type and ceramic heating plate, etc. Generally speaking, each kind of our products has different structures and applications, so clients can select appropriate ones in accordance with their actual needs.

Aluminum foil heater is ideal for defrosting refrigerator and cooler by installing the heating wire on the aluminum foil. And the non-woven type is mainly used for massage pat, automotive cushion and other health protection instruments close to human body because of its great safety. Furthermore, oil drum heating element helps eject out the water and concretion inside by heating the oil drum. In addition, aluminum pipe heater is an electric heating assembly available in various forms through putting heating wires in aluminum pipe in different ways. Characterized by high efficiency and well distributed heat, the ceramic heating plate has been widely used in industrial production.

We are a professional heating elements manufacturer in China. We also provide silicone heating wire, silicone insulated short circuit ground wire, VDE Teflon wire, XLPE wire / cable, and much more.