Teflon Wire / Cable

The Teflon wire we supply here incorporates UL series, VDE series and insulated ignition series. It is also known as the high temperature wire and cable whose insulation layer is manufactured with the fluoroplastics. Thereby, this product is ideally suitable for places where exceptional high temperature resistance is needed. Moreover, its remarkable ability against corrosion keeps this product free from organic solvents, oil, strong acid and alkali, strong oxidants, etc. Attributed to the electrical insulation property, the Teflon cable brings together high voltage resistance, small high frequency loss, great insulation resistance and the ability to stay away from moisture in a one pair, so customers are ensured of high safety in using our product.

All these products have found wide applications in electronics industry where they are used as temperature compensation wires, low temperature cables, high temperature heating wires, anti-aging cables, flame retardant wires, etc. Additionally, they can be used in household industry where they are employed as the interior wiring of air conditioner, microwave oven, lighting fixture, electric heater, etc.

Our company is a professional Teflon wire / cable manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer an extensive line of products, including silicone heating plate, UL silicone wire, silicone rubber tube, PVC insulated wire, and much more.

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