Silicone Heating Plate

Silicone heating plate is light and thin with various modes of temperature control, and it can deliver the heat fast and precisely to any required place. Moisture and chemical resistance of the silicone rubber make the product long lasting. As a customized product, clients may decide the voltage, power, size and ways of installation.

Our product adopts etching heating element with better consistency than wire-wound one because of its flat but larger heating area which makes the etching heater better-distributed with higher power density. Wire-wound silicone heating plate is designed with traditional technology but this product is made with twining resistance coils by hand in definite format. The precision is determined by the proficiency of the operator, so it is difficult to control the efficiency of this product, especially for the small one.

The etching heating element comes out of etched thin Ni-base alloy foil, iron branded aluminum alloy foil and 304 stainless steel alloy foils ranging from 0.02mm to 0.25mm. The process of production is similar to that of printed circuit board. First, use CAD application of PC to design the circuits' distribution, and then transfer it onto the base plate with alloy foils. At last erase the unneeded part by acid and the etched circuit is realized. The system of circuits is so compact that the silicone heating plate can make temperature increase quickly and preservation combined with circuit control. The series of performance realizes the automatic control of the heating element. So the thermal inertia is small and the temperature is controlled accurately with deviation less than 2%. In addition, this product supports independent heater circuit and edge heating compensation.

Our product has high flexibility in circuit design. Several heating circuits can installed onto a single product and dual voltage input and variable power distribution are also realized in this product. This silicone heating plate designed with dual voltage can use different supply voltage, such as 120/240Vac or 240/480Vac, under the unchanged output power with three terminals in different combinations.

As a professional silicone heating plate manufacturer and supplier in China, we also provide heating tape, UL Teflon wire / cable, fire resistant wire, multicore cable, and high temperature sleeve, among others.