FEP Tube

FEP tube is widely used for many instruments, like LCD manufacturing device, heat exchanger, high purity reagent delivery pipe, insulation sleeve and other pipelines of various corrosive media. It boasts high resistance to chemical and solvents like strong acid, strong base, oil, etc. In spite of the changing temperature and frequency, excellent insulation and dielectric property enable our product to operate normally. In addition, the tube offers the best resistance against ageing among plastic products and low frictional factor among solid materials. It is non-toxic, non-stick and physiology inert. Transparent colors and other customized colors are supplied.

Our FEP tube features high and low temperature resistance and its continuous operation temperature range is from -80℃ to 200 ℃, which is only 50 ℃ lower than PTFE by the limit of high temperature resistance. As to the properties of elasticity and transparency, this product is better than PTFE type.

Technical Specifications
Size ID(mm) OD(mm) Length of Coil (m)
3 3 4 100
4 4 5 100
5 5 6 100
8 8 10 50
10 10 12 50
12 12 14 50

HAOCHENG WIRE & CABLE is a specialized FEP tube manufacturer and supplier based in China. Our company also provides fire resistant wire, special heating wire / cable, CCC/IEC silicone rubber wire, and more.

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