Fire Resistant Wire

Fire resistant wire has enjoyed great popularity since it was introduced to the market. It has been widely used for various electric installations which require excellent fire resistance in high temperature environments, such as baking oven, boiler, power station, fire-fighting devices, etc. This product can be also used for metallurgy, petroleum and chemical industries.

Fire resistant wire can work safely for a certain period in the fire. If used in important public places, it can deliver power, various control signals and alarming signs in fire, thus saving time for people to escape and use fire fighting devices. Our company provides four types of fire resistant product, UL5107, UL5128, UL5256, and UL5335. The UL5107, UL5128 and UL5335 adopt the mica tape as insulator, but UL5256 uses TFE and fiberglass as its insulator. These products all use nickel plated copper as conductor and they perform good electric property in high temperature environment.

HAOCHENG WIRE & CABLE is an experienced fire resistant wire manufacturer in China. We provide various types of products such as VDE silicone wire, silicone rubber heater, Teflon wire / cable, and high temperature sleeve.