XLPE Wire / Cable

The XLPE wire is available in UL3173, UL3266, UL3321 and UL3343 models.

As compared with the PVC insulated type, XLPE wire owns much more advantages, such as simplified structure, good resistance against heat and corrosion, high mechanical strength, etc. Furthermore, this product boasts superior electrical performance. Owing to the characteristics of low dielectric loss and small capacitance, it can still bring down the charging current and ground fault current without the help of the star grounding system.

Additionally, the XLPE cable is also easy to be laid. It has smaller bending radius, lighter weight and simpler terminal processing than its counterparts in the current market. Containing no oil, this product can be easily laid for no need to take the laying route into account and regardless of the oil leakage.

HAOCHENG WIRE & CABLE is a specialized XLPE wire / cable manufacturer and supplier based in China. Our company also provides XLPE wire / cable multicore cable, PVC insulated wire, VDE Teflon wire, and more.

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