High Temperature Sleeve

The high temperature sleeve has been widely utilized for cables in the high temperature and hot zones, pipelines, fluid lines, etc. in iron and steel, smelting, chemical, shipbuilding as well as other industries. It can also be applied to generator sets, large buildings, automotive wiring harness, etc.

This high temperature sleeve is also called fire resistant sleeve. It is woven with the high purity alkali-free fiberglass and coated with vulcanized silicone outside. The vulcanized product can be used at temperature between -60℃ and 200℃ for a long time and still keep resilient and flexible. It combines the specialties of both organic and inorganic matter together since the organic silicone outside contains both organic group and inorganic structure. Owing to the outstanding heat stability, this product can well keep its molecular chemical bond unfractured and unresolved when it is exposed to the high temperature and radiation exposure. Moreover, it is also characterized by excellent heat insulation, flame retardance and resistance against moisture, oil, weathering aging, etc.

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