VDE Silicone Wire

Certified by the VDE testing agency and certification institute, our VDE silicone wire is high quality guaranteed, so customers can feel safe in purchasing and using it. It incorporates VDE silicone rubber insulated type, VDE silicone insulated braided type, VDE silicone twin type as well as VDE high voltage type, among which the first two types adopt bare or tinned copper conductors while the other two types use the tinned copper conductors. These four kinds of products all come with silicone rubber insulators, so they have excellent hydrophobicity and resistance to aging, tracking as well as electrical erosion. With the working temperature ranging from -60℃ to 180℃, these silicone wires are capable of remaining sound electrical properties even at extremely high or low temperatures.

At present, the VDE silicone wire has been extensively used as the internal wiring of household appliances, lighting fixtures, electronic equipment, temperature sensors, etc.

HAOCHENG WIRE & CABLE is an experienced VDE silicone wire manufacturer in China. Apart from VDE silicone wire, we also provide XLPE wire / cable, fire resistant wire, high temperature sleeve, and more.

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