UL Silicone Heating Wire / Cable

UL silicone heating wire consists of electric alloy heating coils and high temperature insulation fabric of silicone. It is widely used in many fields, such as refrigerator, medical devices, industrial apparatus, planting and other industries. Our company develops 7 types of silicone heating solutions and they are all certified by America UL with reliable quality. The product features fast heating, well-distribution, high efficiency of heating and excellent toughness. Due to the excellent heat resistance, it can be used at 150℃ for a long time without any change of performance and it can work 10000 hours continuously at 200℃. In addition, our product offers steady insulation value in a large span of temperature and frequency. Also, it has good resistance to corona discharge in high pressure and arc discharge.

Our silicone heating wires in all types are applied in a large span and they are commonly used as inner fixed cables for the subassembly of the heating, the heat preservation and the defroster, like the refrigerator, electric cooker, electric blanket, the electric massage chair and car window heating. Our product can be customized in particular specification from 1Ω/M to 1000Ω/M, so it can meet users' all kinds of needs. Adopting silicone rubber as insulator, the product choose resistance wire alloy as conductor. And various colors are provided for option, such as white, blue, yellow, brown, black, green, transparent and yellow/green.

As a China-based UL silicone heating wire / cable manufacturer and supplier, we also provide fire resistant wire, multicore cable, XLPE wire / cable, PVC insulated wire, and much more.